15 Most Expensive and Luxurious Dog Breeds Worldwide

Dogs are great companions of human beings so consider doing more readings about this subject if you have ever decided to buy or adopt a dog. There are many dog breeds you can find and from which you could choose including bomb dog breeds and comfort dog breeds, however, some are more costly than others. Not only in relation to the price of the purchase but as well as in consideration of grooming and health expenses.

This list compiles the most luxurious and expensive dog breeds worldwide which you can purchase. We’ll also be covering the price tag of the dog, grooming costs, and overall medical costs.

1- Kerry Blue Terrier

Image by Martin Hesketh from Flickr

With a selling price of $600, this dog could be cheap. Unfortunately, healthcare expenses can significantly exceed $7,000 owing to their multiple health problems. They are likely to survive to 15 years if taken good care of.