Duct Tape Tricks You Need to Know

Household Hacker

Duct tape is one of the most versatile products on the market today. While it got its name from being the tape that effectively held metal air ducts together years ago, it is used for so much more today. And available in many more colors than the silver it used to come in. Here are ten ways you’ve probably never thought of using duct tape!

1. Stop Shoes from Slipping

You are out shoe shopping. You find the perfect pair of shoes and can’t wait to wear them to your next girl’s night out. Then, the inevitable happens. You put them on and take a step, only to discover your gorgeous new shoes have no grip on the sole. For obvious reasons, you cannot go out and risk an injury wearing your new shoes. But don’t fret. You can still wear your gorgeous shoes.


Grab your roll of duct tape, rip off a couple of pieces and place them on your shoes, so the bottoms are covered. Try to keep the tape more in the center and not on the edges. You don’t want the tape to be sticking out! Once you’ve placed the tape, scored it with scissors or a knife a few times. Now when you walk, you will have the perfect amount of grip.