The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cats are a household name, and they are prevalent in various homes all over the globe. The uniqueness of these feline creatures is that there are lots of breeds which enhances their popularity. If you are wondering what the most popular cat breeds are, then you are in the right place. But before we get started, always remember that when picking a cat, you should go for one that compliments your lifestyle in every way. Let’s get started with the most popular cat breeds.

The European Shorthair

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The European cat is known for this quiet and gentle character. Most people even consider it to be the ancestors of cats. This breed of cat can be quite active and playful, especially when they are around humans. They are the perfect definition of domesticated felines, although they love the outdoors as well.

The Maine Coon

Image by Basil Smith from Pixabay

Many consider it the largest cat breed in existence. It is very long and muscular. They are quite affectionate, and they can be quite playful, most notably when they are around kids. Their magnificent outlook always makes them stand out in any setting.