Things Pregnant Women Do That Might Affect Their Babies

Unhealthy lifestyle:

An unhealthy lifestyle and increased junk intake show up with those extra kilos of fat and numerous complications to your body. Besides, making you look older, additional weight also led to the birth complication, problematic felt growth, and most delivery weight retention in pregnant women. Furthermore, you also increase the proportion of obesity in your little one. So, how can we refrain from an unhealthy pregnancy?

The right way:

Follow the following instructions for refrain from extra weight gain, and birth complication in pregnant women:

  • Doctors recommend light workout for 30 minutes at least five days a week for a healthy pregnant woman
  • Go for a walk it is a perfect way to keep you away from extra weight gain, along with regulating oxygen in the brain
  • Stay away from the false impression that pregnancy means liberty to stuff yourself your food. You only need to add an extra 200 calories in your daily food intake in the last semester. 2200 calories per day are sufficient to feed you and the baby